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Introducing Soul Wars..

After countless requests from our existing loyal customer base, we’re now offering OSRS Soul Wars Service, at the price of $1/hr (Standard Package). Soul Wars is a P2P minigame that consists of two teams competing for soul fragments, which is then given to the Soul Obelisk to conquer enemy avatars.

$1 Per Hour

The sought after rewards are a Soul Cape and a Pet Avatar, they’re either Lil’ Creator or Lil’ Destructor.

We’ll offer you this service for $1/hour, but we can’t guarantee any amount of points per hour or day due to this being a teams minigame. Also, did you know FancyHire is the #1 OSRS Power Leveling Service available on the market? With hundreds of happy customers and thousands of orders, you’re in safe hands!

Hire a Venezuelan Today!

To proceed with an order, navigate to our Pricing page and follow the instructions. Our trainers look forward to training your account!

Also on a side note, if you have a special request or you’re not sure we offer a service. Feel free to contact us through your Pre-Sales Channel, and we’ll be happy to continue the conversation from there. FancyHire also provides an abundance of OSRS Questing Services for up to 500% less than our competitors.