Runecrafting Guide OSRS

1—99 Runecrafting Guide OSRS

So, you want that sweet level 99 Runecrafting level so you can make absolute bank crafting magical runes and selling them to other players or using these runes to destroy other players or monsters in battle. Well, this is the ultimate Runecrafting Guide OSRS on the internet and will teach you how to achieve that 99 in the fastest way possible.

A few things to mention are that you want to be as light as possible so that you can run as far as your character can run and depending on what you have equipped your stamina will regenerate at higher speeds. 99 Agility is very useful for training Runecrafting along with many other skills, If you haven’t already checked out our guide on 1-99 Agility then click this link: Agility Training Guide

runecrafting lvl 99

Your Goal:

  • 1-99 Runecrafting

General Requirements

Useful equipment for this is the Graceful Outfit as it allows your stamina to regenerate at super high speeds allowing for quicker runs and thus more XP per hour. Another useful item to have handy is a stamina potion, this item allows a player to regenerate stamina and run for longer distances, this means you can also decrease the time between runs allowing for a lot more experience per hour.

Essence pouches allow the user to increase experience per hour also as Essence pouches allow the user to bring more Essence per run. In order to receive an essence, pouch the user will have to complete the quest “enter the abyss” mini-quest. The essence pouch will start at tier 1 which can be used at level 1 Runecrafting and holds up to 3 rune essence; tier 2 requires level 25 Runecrafting and can carry 6 essence; tier 3 requires 50 Runecrafting and carries up to 9 essences and the final tier of the essence pouch is tier 4 which requires level 75 Runecrafting and can carry up to 12 essence. If you don’t like questing the just ask us to do them for you! Here at FancyHire we can power level you all the way to 99 Runecrafting for super cheap and affordable prices and complete any nasty quests on the side.

To begin Runecrafting you will need to complete a mini-quest called Rune Mysteries. This quest will take approximately 2 minutes and can be started by talking to Duke Horacio on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge castle. This quest allows players access to the skill Runecrafting.

Runecrafting Fastest XP

Levels: 1-9 Time: 5 minutes

For levels 1-9 we will be doing the “enter the abyss” mini-quest. This rewards you 1000 Runecrafting experience and access to essence pouches. After completing this quest, you will be boosted straight from level 1 to 9. If your pouch breaks you can always get it repaired by the Dark Mage.

Levels 9 - 23 Time: 20 Minutes

From level 9 to 23 you will finish 1 quest called “the Eyes of Quest” which will give you approximately 6000 experience. If you hate questing, then feel free to shoot us a message and we will be able to complete all quests required. Here at FancyHire, we are the #1 OSRS Power leveling service and thus the best OSRS Runecrafting levelers. This will set you up for one of the fastest methods in the game.

Lava Runecrafting XP/hr

Levels 23 – 99 Time: 216 Hours

osrs lava runecrafting

From here on in you will be crafting lava runes which will net you an average of 60K XP an hour. You will need approximately 13 Million experience to reach level 99 and thus it will take you 216 Hours to achieve level 99 Runecrafting. You will lose money using this method, but it is not a significant amount.

To achieve the maximum amount of experience you will need to have level 82 magic, luckily for you if you don’t have this yet we here at FancyHire would love to help you out with this and we are the most affordable and reliable power leveling team on the internet. Look through the site at prices but we offer as cheap as $0.60/Hour!

Now back to the guide you if you have level 82 magic you will be using “magic imbue” which can be unlocked via a quest called lunar diplomacy. This removes the need for a talisman while crafting combination runes. If you don’t have magic imbue don’t worry as you will still be making lava runes for the fastest experience in the game; The only difference is that you will need to bring a talisman every run.

Now that we have that information in our system for each run you will need to bring a fire tiara, binding necklace (for 100% successful crafting), lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure/rune essence, rings of duelling, earth runes, rune pouch holding law runes, cosmic runes and astral runes along with stamina potions.

You have all the required equipment now and knowledge to start crafting lava runes! To start use the ring of dueling and teleport to the duel arena in Al Kharid. Go to the fire altar and create fire runes. Before you create the fire runes if you have unlocked magic imbue be sure to use it. Once you are in use earth runes on the fire altar to start creating lava runes. Once you have finished your entire bag simply teleport back to a bank such as castle wars; rinse and repeat.

Congratulations you have finally got to level 99 Runecrafting! Oh, wait… You haven’t and can’t be bothered spending your life on this skill? Then send us a message as we are the fastest and cheapest services available on the internet. FancyHire is a prestigious OSRS Power leveling company that will get the job done without any problems. We hope you have enjoyed the best Runecrafting Guide OSRS on the internet.