Why Terms?

FancyHire prides itself on being a top OSRS Power Leveling Service. However, between our Trainers and Customers, we should protect ourselves from uncertain liabilities and set the expectations. These terms ultimately provide the foundation for a Long Term Stress-Free Experience for everyone.

Terms & Conditions

APR System

All orders have access to our APR System. You must request it before your order starts, and you must state your expectations. Basic package orders offer limited functionality.


No Latency demanding tasks are permitted (zulrah etc)

Proxy Usage

Guaranteed use of FRESH & UNIQUE USA Proxies for every order.

HCIM / Ironman

We revoke all responsibility for any HCIM/Ironman death if due to electricity/internet issue.

Ban Liability

Agreed this service is 100% Hand Played, we revoke all responsibility with bans/mutes during or after our service.

All OSRS Power Leveling Services have this policy due to false detections, although slim chance. A necessary condition for all services.

Watch the below video for proof:

You ultimately agree that we’re not responsible for any RWT / Macro Major ban.

Trusted Venezuelans

FancyHire is an organization. Trusted Venezuelans complete all orders.

Trainers Time

Once your order starts, the assigned trainer will dedicate 100% of their time to it until the orders complete. *Basic = 50%

In-Progress Order Delays

You accept the order can be delayed due to an unforeseen circumstance such as internet issues.

Password Security

You agree to change your password after each order to maintain reasonable security standards.

Paused Orders

If your order is paused, for whatever reason, your order is then queued again.

Specific Start Dates

You can’t set an order to be started on X date, but you can request it to be added to the queue on X date.

Order Verification

If you order a quest or skill that effectively ruins your account, then we’re not responsible. You’re solely responsible for ensuring this doesn’t happen.

In-Progress Order Amendments

We no longer permit changes to In-Progress orders. If you insist a change must happen, you accept a reasonable additional cost.

Pre-Training Account Inspection

You agree to leave your account at the GE for a Pre-Training Account Inspection. It’s purpose is for liability reasons.

Queue Times – Ordering Multiple Package Types

If you order multiple package types at the same time, you can choose which package type to start first. Then once that is done, we’ll then enter your next package into the queue on the date of completion with the current queue times.

For example, you have a Questing / Standard. We start on Standard, which is 5-7 working days queue. Then it takes 30 days to complete, once completed. We’ll then input your questing order into the queue system. Which then will be a delay of 5-10 working days until start once the standard package is complete.

Why Refunds?

Our Refund Policy provides the foundation for a fair and proper system regarding all Refund scenarios.

Refund Policy

Refund Requests

If you request a refund, we can process this if the order hasn’t already started and if you give us reasonable notice. You’ll receive redeemable credit via our in-house credit system.

Compensation for Delays

If your order is delayed due to internet issues you acknowledge no monetary compensation is necessary. We do however give free basic package hours for order delays.