Offering Unrivaled value and exceptional results.


Pioneers of Automatic Progress Report (APR) system.


High Security Standards and Service Guarantees.


Over 100 years of combined experience at your fingertips.

What We Offer

Embark on your quest for OSRS supremacy with our elite power leveling service. Originating from Venezuela, we deliver unparalleled value, low pricing, and access to top-tier trainers.


Unmatched value is our promise to you, coupled with a steadfast dedication to fair pay for all those who make it happen


Empowering Venezuelan trainers with a competitive living wage, ensuring their well-being and brighter futures through your purchases.


FancyHire stands as the unmatched leader in OSRS power leveling, setting the standard for excellence in online gaming.


Fulfilling thousands of orders for OSRS players worldwide, FancyHire is the ultimate choice for unparalleled gaming expertise and service excellence.

Bountiful Bonuses

Experience Lightning-fast Progression and Unleash Your Full Potential. With Our Service, You’ll Enjoy Guaranteed Mastery and Exclusive Bonus Rewards to Accelerate Your Journey to Dominance.


Earn Valuable Experience and Exciting Rewards with Each Order.


Experience Personalized Assistance with Our Support Team.


Claim the highly sought-after Fire cape, a symbol of your strength and determination in the world of Gielinor.

APR Enabled

Get updates with a progress report for every major achievement.

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Join our Discord server for a personalized quote tailored to your order’s goals. Unlock exclusive bonuses based on your order’s total cost, with three tiers of benefits available for you to choose from.


Start your OSRS journey with essential access

Orders From

$ 39 .99

Top Features

  • High Quality Service
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Expert Account Evaluation
  • Elite Security Oversight

Progress tracking

  • Automatic Progress Reports (APR)

Gold Standard Security

  • Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee with Money-Back Assurance
  • Expertise Assurance Guarantee
  • Precision Delivery Assurance
  • Streamlined Troubleshooting Assurance with Rapid Resolution Guarantee
  • Handcrafted Mastery Services

Dominate the game with unparalleled bonuses, exclusive rewards, and game-changing benefits.

Orders From

$ 149 .99

Top Features

  • All the previous perks
  • Top Priority

Premium Progression Bonuses

Daily Tasks

  • Free Farm Runs
  • Free Bird Runs
  • Managing Miscellania
  • Buying Battlestaves From Zaff
  • Free Bank organize

Progress tracking

  • LevelUp Gallery

Adventure Agenda

  • Free Achievement Diary
  • Free Quest
  • Free Miniquest

Conqueror’s Collection

  • Free Firecape
  • Free Boss kills
  • Free Clue Scroll Completion

Tailored Timebound Benefits

  • Tailored Time Slots
  • Bespoke Account Privilege

Specialized for Account Building  , Raids, Boss Kills, HCIM and Item Gathering. Our Elite team will expertly fulfill these orders.

Top Features

  • All the previous perks
  • Access to our most expert trainers
  • Account Building Expertise
  • Boss killing
  • Pet Hunting
  • Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) Support
  • Efficient Item Gathering
  • Custom Orders

Client Testimonials

Discover the stories of victory from our valued clients at FancyHire Learn how our specialized power leveling services, intricately aligned with the spirit of OSRS, have transformed players’ experiences and achieved extraordinary results.

Like most people who posted in this channel, I’ve used Fancy Hire extensively and loved every minute of it. Their workers have an impeccable knowledge of the game and their delivery is reliably before the date limits set by them.

I often have perhaps an excessive amount of specifications and peculiarities in my orders, and each time they are accommodating and exceedingly nice about it (even though I’m sure I’m a picky customer).


Advanced Customer

Just had another huge order completed. Got 99 agillity, 99 thieving, 99mining, and 92 farming at tithe. Also had them do some Miscellaneous tasks like killing spidines for red spiders eggs, collecting Mort Myer fungus and casting glass make spell on lunar spellbook and blowing the glass to 90 crafting. The account is a GIM acc with a 1B bank. The worked with me on all of the random tasks and completed everything without any issues. I’ve ordered probably 3k hours across multiple accounts and the service is always fantastic! Infact I just started another order to get more things done on my gim. So I definitely recommend Fancyhire to everyone!


Advanced Customer

Account services by Fancy Hire is second to none, I am extremely satisfied with the experience. Their customer support was top-notch, they were very helpful in answering all of my questions and provided me with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the delivery process was. The service was exactly as described and the quality was top-notch. With the extra boost from the grind, I was able to reach new areas in the game that I had never been able to access before.


Advanced Customer

Let FancyHire handle the grind of Runescape for you!

Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Us?

At FancyHire we stand out as the premier choice for your Old School RuneScape power leveling needs. With years of experience and a team of skilled gamers, we guarantee fast and reliable service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every order is handled with professionalism and efficiency. Trust FancyHire for a seamless power leveling experience and unlock the full potential of your gaming journey today.

How Can I Be Sure Your Service Is Right for Me?

We understand the importance of ensuring our service meets your needs before making a commitment. Take your time to explore our power leveling services thoroughly. If you find them suitable for your needs, that’s excellent! If not, we completely understand. Your satisfaction is our priority, and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Should you encounter any issues, let us know, and we’ll process a refund within 24-48 hours. We’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction from the moment you order.

What Kind of Customer Support Do You Offer?

We provide customer support exclusively through Discord. While our support isn’t available 24/7, we’re committed to addressing your queries and concerns promptly during our operational hours. Our friendly representatives are here to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Payment Methods

we embrace cryptocurrencies as the sole payment method. This decision ensures swift, secure, and discreet transactions for both our valued customers and dedicated workers. Cryptocurrencies offer numerous advantages, including low transaction fees, global accessibility, and enhanced privacy. By adopting cryptocurrencies, we prioritize convenience and security, fostering a seamless experience for everyone involved in our powerleveling services. Join us in harnessing the benefits of cryptocurrencies for your gaming needs.

How do you handle refunds?

we strive to ensure a seamless experience for our customers, including our refund process. We offer refunds exclusively through Binance peer-to-peer (P2P) or using low fee cryptocurrencies such as ADA or XLM. These methods allow for efficient and cost-effective transactions, ensuring you receive your refund promptly. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing convenient and accessible refund options. If you have any questions or require assistance with the refund process, our customer support team is here to help.

Do You Provide Additional Services?

we’re dedicated to offering assistance beyond gaming. While our primary focus is on OSRS power leveling, we extend our services to a variety of tasks. Whether you need help completing quests, acquiring items, or any other task, our team is here to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is my account at risk of being banned?

we prioritize the safety and security of your gaming account. While we employ industry-best practices to minimize risks, it’s essential to acknowledge the inherent possibility of account sanctions when utilizing power leveling services. Our team of seasoned professionals adheres strictly to game rules and guidelines to mitigate such risks. We employ safe and discreet methods to safeguard your account during the power leveling process. In the unlikely event that your account faces a sanction beyond our control, such as a ban, we offer a full refund. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to ensuring you receive a refund if we’re unable to recover your account. While we cannot guarantee absolute immunity from account sanctions, we’re dedicated to resolving any issues promptly and providing support in such circumstances. Rest assured, your account safety and satisfaction are paramount to us.