Welcome to FancyHire, here is an introduction into how our Ordering System works.

This page serves as a general guide to ordering with FancyHire. From Questing to Standard Package Orders, let’s cover everything. By the end of this, you should be ready to order with ease.

Last Updated: October 18th 2020

What we currently offer

High Hours – 1.5$/hr

16 Hours/day playtime for just $24 per day. Expedite your OSRS Account with this in demand package. Everything except construction, questing, slayer and lava runes are permitted.

High Priority – 2$/hr

Imagine Ordering and then within a day or so, your order starts. This is the goal of the High Priority package. Enabling you to skip the queue. High Priority applies as a Standard Order Package but with less queue. Aimed at those in a hurry.

Standard – 1$/hr

Most tasks available here, this includes Agility, Runecrafting & More! Standard Package is our most popular package by far. With over 100,000+ Hours Serviced and 60+ Concurrent Orders. Experience the very best of what OSRS Power Leveling Services have to offer right here!

Questing – 2$/hr

Imagine a world, where competitors try to hire you due to your pricing. This is FancyHire, with rates out competing up to 500%. Now you understand why we’re so popular.

Basic – 0.60$/hr

We offer an AFK orientated package, aimed at common tasks that require 50% attention. Meaning, our trainers can play two customers accounts at once (via different IPs) without sacrificing XP Rates & Efficiency. Basic currently covers: NMZ, Sand Crabs, MLM, Barb Fish & WC

Bundles – Variable Cost

If you’re interested in bundles, you’ve come to to the right place. We offer Barrows/Mithril Glove Bundles. With more to come in the near future!

Firstly, let’s explain…

The Hourly Pricing Model – For many years, services were based on XP gained. However, FancyHire identified that this model is not ideal, we want to guarantee a minimum for our trainers no matter what tasks they’re doing and we wanted to make it easy to understand too. This then led to the formation of the $1/hour package. Ultimately for an hour worth of time, we charge $1. This is also extremely competitive for obvious reasons.

The Legacy Method, also known as the Sales Template used to be the only way you would order. The template is:


Payment Method:

Hours Requesting:

Requested Tasks:

Other Comment:

This would give us a quick run down of what you wanted and presumably this would make everyone’s life easier. Unfortunately, not. The main difficulty is that consumers are occasionally reluctant to figure out what they need and to demonstrate this in a Sales Template. This led to countless potential customers leaving because they either didn’t have the time to quote or simply didn’t have the knowledge.

Therefore, we started Developing the “Custom” Website, this is located at https://custom.fancyhire.co/. We started off with Questing, to this day this enables an extremely easy way for the consumer to quote their Quest orders. We didn’t stop there, we then developed “ Custom” which served the purpose of easily calculating normal orders, such as Standard Package Orders.

Now onto a new primary method of self-quoting

Custom Website – X Page

X Page is the first iteration of the fully Automated Quote System, calculations are all formed on the most common training methods. This enables you to efficiently self-quote for the majority of skills.

Once you’ve selected your desired training, then simply checkout via the cart and input the -order command within your Pre-Sales channel. Once that’s received, we can then process your order in a timely manner via GP or BTC.

What about Manual Quotes:

The current system does cover a lot of options. However, it doesn’t cover everything, as a result occasionally you may need to request a quote from us directly. This can take several days in some cases and in other cases. If your desired result is achievable via the X Page / “Custom”. We would then direct you there instead.

Also, if you’re a brand-new customer and you’re requesting manual quotations for too much, we do sometimes refuse to provide quotations as this requires unnecessary man power on our side. However existing customer can expect a different experience if the requests aren’t likely to waste our time.

Tldr / Overview – We hope now that your Pre-Sales experience is a smooth sailing one. Ultimately, input your -order command into the Pre-Sales channel then we’ll process your order.

Here’s the references:

Legacy Method = Sales Template = Bottom of https://fancyhire.co/newera/

Newest Method = Automated Quote System = https://custom.fancyhire.co/x

Thanks for reading, if you have any input, let us know!