A New Era

Introduction to FancyHire

The niche market of OSRS Services is reaching a catalyst. Many want to earn a sustainable living wage in a 1st world developed country, that is not sustainable. In reality, you may not have time to play OSRS and unwilling to buy overpriced accounts.

FancyHire offers a unique alternative, let us mould your account. The pricing is sustainable for everyone because of the Venezuelan economy. The average wage is $30/month. That’s a few hours in Europe or USA, as unfortunate the situation. FancyHire aims to give the means possible to lead a healthier life.

We're currently several enthusiastic people, determined to turn FancyHire into the #1 Service. With perseverance, we aim to reach the podium.

"Although we aim to be reliable, sometimes electricity isn't. For this reason, we cannot guarantee exactly when an order is complete. As a result, you need to keep that in mind."


The Evolution of Price

For OSRS Services, the typical pricing scheme for Runescape Skill/Quest Training is XP/GP. FancyHire aims to revolutionise specific types of training. You can save money.

Here are some examples of pricing:


We'll do 5 hours of Questing for $10. That saves you $15 in comparison to competitors.

Our questers are of high quality, spending up to 40 hours a month doing quests. You'll receive the same class as an experienced competitor quester. Check out Quest Times for examples.


Our competitors are better priced vs questing. For low-end agility at Canifis, you'll save on average .36$/hour. For the higher end of Werewolf course, the savings are much higher at 2.50$/hr. Unlike competitors we don't charge for graceful pieces, saving you more.


Another section of the industry that we excel. The savings available here is the absolute best anywhere. For example at the greatest efficiency of Iron Ore which is 60,000xp/hour. A popular competitor charges 7,800,000/hr. Equals 6.40$/hr, saving you 5.40$/hr if you use FancyHire.

OSRS Service Industry Size

Discover the size of the market, understand you're not alone. Many players wish to buy services for reasonable pricing.

OSRS Quest Services

Those who dislike quests often buy them, If the average spend is $5 and 500 people a month do this. That equals 2500$/month, the same goes for OSRS Services in general. With FancyHire pricing we expect this industry to reach 1500 buyers a month within a year.

OSRS Skilling Services

Without a mention of currently estimated figures, the potential is vast. There are many existing providers for all types of skilling services from OSRS Agility Services to Runecrafting & many more. In
general, the possibility could be 2000 buyers a month. With a monthly estimation of 30,000$/month.

OSRS NMZ Services

Current form, it outputs roughly 10,000$/month, the potential again very huge and will expand. All that is necessary is more competitive sellers.

Conclusion of OSRS Services

Although generally, the attitude of players is negative, we need positive assurance. It is of course against the game rules, but the nature of Runescape promotes this industry. We estimate roughly 100 people work full time, besides thousands of Gold Farmers.

You cannot escape and will always prevail while people buy GP and a variety of services.

Purchase FancyHire Services

Below is a template we want you to use while ordering, by all means, we'll love to calculate your exact order. However, how long is a piece of string? We need all clients to figure what you need, and this includes the methods you want us to do and the hours involved.

With the number of requests we receive, we cannot afford to spend more time calculating.

Sales Template

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