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Welcome to FancyHire, we strive to be the #1 OSRS Power Leveling Service on the market. Based in Venezuela, allowing us to give you the best pricing and the most trusted trainers. With over 30 years of combined OSRS experience, we aim to disrupt the industry. We've already serviced hundreds of customers and played 30,000+ hours since September 2018.

Exciting times ahead for OSRS Players...

The Evolution of Price

The niche market of OSRS Services is reaching a catalyst. Many want to earn a sustainable living wage in a 1st world developed country, that is not sustainable. In reality, you may not have time to play OSRS and unwilling to buy overpriced accounts.

We offer a unique alternative, let us mould your account. The pricing is sustainable for everyone because of the Venezuelan economy. The average wage is $10/month. That’s an hour in Europe or USA, as unfortunate the situation. FancyHire aims to give the means possible to lead a healthier life.

This is why our competitors try to hire us...

osrs power leveling
We do the majority of tasks!
Competitors Price Our Price
Agility Over $2/hr $1/hr
Lava Runecrafting Over $2/hr
Iron Ore Powermining Over $2/hr
Questing Over $4/hr

Many companies exploit cheap labour for their own gain, FancyHire doesn't. We provide continuous support to our trainers and directly use the funds generated from our services to help those in need.

For every order you make, you'll be putting food on the table. For just $8/day worth of services, you can enjoy a much better OSRS Experience and also joice in the fact you're improving lives for those in need.

Don't purchase the overpriced services that are available everywhere, you've now found your OSRS Power Leveling provider and that is FancyHire. A professional and experienced service offering services for the cheapest on the market.

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Below is a template we want you to use while ordering, by all means, we'll love to calculate your exact order. However, how long is a piece of string? We need all clients to figure what you need, and this includes the methods you want us to do and the hours involved.

With the number of requests we receive, we cannot afford to spend more time calculating.

Sales Template

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DidYouKnow? - We're the first provider to introduce the hourly pricing model.