Do you offer X service?

We offer anything that doesn’t require good ping. Here is a list of examples: Questing, NMZ, Pest Control, Skilling, Combat

How much for X task?

Direct quotes take time, skip the process and use our Self-Quoter via

Once you’re satisfied with the hours required, make sure you use the -order command OR add the methods within the sales template.

Can you start now?

We operate a Queue System, meaning we receive more orders than what we can serve. Before payment, we’ll tell you our availability.

What Payment Methods do you offer?

We accept either Bitcoin or OSGP (via 3rd Party) – If you choose to pay via OSGP, you’ll be referred to a third-party website to sell your OSGP for Bitcoins. It’s highly recommended to utilise Bitcoin, which provides you the best rates and ultimately ensures you pay the exact/similar price to the actual order quote.

If you must use OSGP, you’re welcome to use other parties to sell your GP for BTC. We only suggest a reliable source as of current.

How to Purchase Bitcoin?

We have a dedicated page for this subject, checkout

What if my order starts late or takes too long to finish?

Any delays are counted, at the end of an order. If you wish to receive compensation for delays, let us know and we’ll provide a fair compensation package. Although this doesn’t happen often. When it does, you can be rest assured that we take your business seriously.

Although we aim to be reliable, sometimes electricity isn’t. For this reason, we offer free basic package hours for anyone affected by this.

Do you cater to botters / account resellers / gold farmers?

No, our target audience are NOT botters / account resellers / gold farmers.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes, of course. Run +refer in your Pre-Sales channel and you’ll be given a unique invite code. Once your friend joins and becomes a customer, you’ll receive credit for 5 free basic hours as a reward.

Can I extend my order?

Of course, we’ll notify you before your order finishes and give you the opportunity to extend you order. This means you’ll skip having to wait in the queue.

What If I get banned?

Occasionally, an account we service will get banned. Sometimes the immediate response is to “out” us as botters or as an untrustworthy service. That can’t be further from the reality. Jagex do falsely detect accounts from time to time, the % is currently around 1% and is slowly reducing in frequency. If you do get banned, you’ll either be notified via a trainer or one of the FancyHire representatives. Or sometimes you may find out before us. #1 – Don’t panic, let us know and we’ll give you recommendations to get your ban quashed. #2 – Be assured we’re a 100% Hand Trained Service, we also use Safe USA Proxies. #3 Out of the 1%, expect 9/10 to be Quashed. In rare cases the ban remains, there is usually a reasonable reason for it. #4 Once the ban is quashed, we will resume the order within a reasonable time.

We’ve now serviced 1000+ accounts and have done upwards of 100,000+ hours of playtime. Rest assured, FancyHire are a professional OSRS Power Leveling Service that’s here to stay. But more importantly, we’re a service that always improves itself and is never complacent.

What’s the minimum order?

Minimum Order:

High Priority: $40

Questing: $30

Standard: $20

Basic: $20

High Hours: $240

Bundles: Value of bundle